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"Since the moment they plane landed on the snow-filled runway in Kirkenes, I knew that this was going to be a holiday of a lifetime. Norway is an incredible place and is more of a life experience than a holiday. The scenery is breathtaking and the air is really fresh and crisp. The people are some of the nicest people you can encounter in life and make such an wholehearted effort to make you feel welcome and really quickly become friends with you".

"Leaving the holiday, I felt like I knew some of the people years. Extreme Ireland did an excellent job of coordinating the holiday while we were over there making the holiday very organised (If your in for a relaxing holiday, this isn't for you, its more of an invigorating one!) which ensured we got to see as much as was possible (which is a lot!) Kirkenes is simply put, Paradise and Rune and his family make you feel very welcome and part of their family almost, during the stay."

"The huskies are amazing and I personally couldn't get enough of them (so much so, that I hope to return to them this time next year for a month of so) The food is beautiful and reminded us of really good auld homemade Irish pub food a lot of the time but with a Norwegian twist! The Minke whale is a must as is the chocolate fondant in the restaurant. We were lucky enough to catch sight (albeit a glimmer) of the northern lights one of the nights. Id defiantly recommend a tripod to get some really good photos. "

"The Husky Sleighing was a truly awesome experience and something that I have always wanted to do and most definatly do again. The snow mobiling is also an incredible experience with plenty of things to see and the guide we had, Oulf , was extremely friendly, enthusiastic and willing to share the stories of Kirkenes's history over tea and Reindeer heart! (Try it, just to say you did even!) Also, the other people on the tour were really nice and I am still in very close contact with a lot of them. Overall, I would defiantly consider Kirkenes as a destination again and wouldn't hesitate in organising it and other adventures through Extreme Ireland. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life." Derek Casey.


"Hello Keith, Just getting back to you now, had a great time in Norway, Darren did a very good job, kept us organised and kept everyone together, we had a good time in Oslo making the most of our time there, thanks to Darren doing a bit of preparation the night before and giving us options . Up North all went well it was a relaxed location in between the husky run and king crab stuff etc, food was very good and the snow was excellent. Everyone was able to choose their own activity on the free day and that worked out well. I have friends living in southern Norway so I have been there a few times but I wanted to see the north and you could not get more north than Kirkenes, it didn't disappoint and I had a great time." Harry Lester.